Protect your account.

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Protect your account.

Post  Fanta. on Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:09 am

Hello Dear Mendal players today i want to inform you how to prevent your account from being hacked or stolen

1. Never open links when you don't know the website ( they can hack you when you just did 1 click )
2. If some one sends you a link to donate its probably fake our official website is : http://mendalstory.malware-site.www/
3. Do not accept files on msn ( you can accept photos ) but .exe .rar etc are not safe.
4. Do not share your account.
5. Never try to log in our website when you have shared networks like public wifi.
6. Do not use the same password of msn or facebook even Never use same password in others websites.

You must NEVER give your password to anybody, even to the staff!, Don't trust your best friend !



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