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Post  Fanta. on Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:13 am

This will be updated when situations arise. At some point, I'll attempt to dig up our old forum rules to post here.

We keep the right to change the rules at any time we do not have to inform you, the community, about the changes, it is in your own responsibility to keep up with the rules and follow them.
1. Post in the correct forum

This really should go without saying, but sadly, it's necessary. Look at the forum descriptions and their subforums. Choose the forum that most appropriately encompasses what you are posting about. If you are unsure of where to post it, the General forums are a good bet. Either that or you can PM a Staff or Council member on the site to move it where they think it's appropriate.

2. Do not post personal information that can be used maliciously on the forums.

To clarify: Please refrain from posting the following: your full name, your email address, your IP address, paypal account information, etc. Things like your first name and your maple name are fine, those are typically publicly available. If you need someone to have any of your personal information, PM them with it. It would really suck for you to post your email address only to have it picked up by bots and get a new flood of spam mail. We do this for your protection.

3. Staff and Council decisions are final, and should be regarded as such, unless otherwise stated.

While we always accept and encourage open discussion on the forums, any Staff decisions made regarding Bans/Unbans/Abuse, or anything else requiring a decision, should be considered a final verdict unless otherwise mentioned. This means do not create new threads on closed topics unless new, relevant information is acquired.

4. Follow all templates as dictated by subforum rules.

Some of our forums require a form to be filled out regarding various things (ban requests, unban requests and applications). For your thread to be answered in a timely manner, please fill out the form found in that specific subforum. This allows us to process your request much faster and not have to track down you or the missing information. If a Staff or Council member asks you to edit your post to include the information, please do so in a timely manner or your request will be deleted.

5. In report forums, keep posts relevant to the topic at hand.

This rule goes tandem with number 1, for the forums mentioned above. Each specific forum will have rules regarding what is acceptable and what isn't. This rule allows us to swiftly and precisely resolve your problems/inquiries. At the same time, all threads should be kept on topic as much as possible. Derailed threads may be up for closure or deletion.

6. Do not spam.

This rule will intentionally be left a tad vague. Spam is at the discretion of forum mods (including Staff and Council), but typically includes linkspam (websites such as LoL), pointless threads (posts made with no subject matter), and flame threads.
6.1 No topic hijacking.

It is considered a mild form of harassment to disrupt topics posted by others, intentionally and continually. They have a right to use the forums just the same as you. If you want to talk about something else, make a new topic. The staff will only give out infractions in the most extreme situations.

7. Do not necropost.

Necroposting is the heinous act of bumping old threads made ages ago offer little to no input in them. We frown heavily upon necroposting, so when in doubt, don't post it. However, you are more than welcome to resurrect an older post if a.) There are no newer posts which address the same issue and b.) your post is relevant to the topic of the thread (i.e., posting "lolwtf" will get you facepalmed right off our forums very quickly). A good rule of thumb is to stay out of threads older than one week unless you are adding something seriously relevant to the discussion at hand.
Any method of bringing up your a topic which has been lowered a few places will be infracted, this includes: deleting a post and re-add it and using new account to post.

8. Keep your signatures small.

We as staff have decided to set the maximum height of your signature to 500 pixels. If we think that your signature is just to big, and heavily exceeding the limit we may, and shall, remove your signature.

9. Distributing warez.

Distribibuting warez is a violance of our forum rules. This includes linking to warez either directly or to crack or serial sites. Offering warez in any fashion including PM or e-mail is against forum policy.



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