Flawn's GFX Application

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Flawn's GFX Application

Post  FlawnWASHERE2016bye on Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:04 am

Name: Landon (Nickname:Flawn)

Age: 16

Location: USA : Kansas

Timezone: GMT -6 (Central Time Zone)

Programs: Basically just banner creating programs ~ ( I have quite a few of them ) and BannedStory (Duh!)

Experience: Can't say I have a lot of experience but I have been making banners for a few months.


This is a banner I made, IT'S NOT FINISHED as I never finished it, It was a test banner for a private server I used to be a GFX on. (VirusMs of course!)
Note: This banner may lag depending on your location and your web browsing program. (Suggestion: FireFox.)

Extras: I'm making this application assuming a GFX "team" (More than 1) is being made since Nikkisaur has already been accepted, let me know?

Contact: Email/MSN: "Ineed1ok @yahoo.com"

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Re: Flawn's GFX Application

Post  Fanta. on Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:27 am

Accepted. Post your work up to the GFX section, Thanks. We are using those banners for the server.



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