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Ui.wz edit

Post  cousinitt98 on Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:41 pm

people who make there own ui.wz edits could post them Very Happy
i can show example heres mine

heres link for the edits
www[dot]mediafire [dot]com/?wjhxxtrmsbxl1wi

Take out the spaces

and enjoy the minor ui edits
heres diffrences.
regular ui.wz signs are diffrent on characters,
regular ui.wz mapleskin for cash shop lvl and etc is just plain and boring
this new one is colorful and epic Very Happy
the character signs are from global maplestory.
Enjoy the flashing picture 2 Very Happy
More to come ,and maybe even.... a complete mapleskin edit instead of 2 diff colors xD

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