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List Of Bugs

Post  Tainted on Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:21 pm

This is a work in progress, I'll continue to update the thread with glitches/bugs I find. I've organized the Bugs/glitches into different sections based on the Job/Class to make it easier to read~

If you would like to contribute to this thread, Just Comment Below with the Bug You Found .

None of the Auras work.
Body Boost does NOT work since it depends on Auras to work.
No Cool-down on some skills.
Twister Spin does NOT work.
Party Shield does NOT work.
The skill "Teleport Mastery" does NOT work for ANY Mage-type class.

The skills "Healing Robot", "Rock n' Shockm", and "Accleration bot" don't work at all.
Roll of the Dice d/c's you.
When You come Out of The Mechanic Robot If You Used Missile Tank You're still in it
Siege Mode Is In Fourth Job, As well as third job skills and it doesn't work.

Paladin/Hero/Dark Knight
When you use ANY Charge it makes you unable to kill any monster. (Paladin)
Charged Blow doesn't kill monsters since it relies on CHARGES to work. (Paladin)
Combat Orders does NOT work at all. (Paladin)
Heaven's Hammer does NOT work, doesn't reduce monster's HP to 1. (Paladin)
Blast works but doesn't do any damage IF you use a Charge with it. (Paladin)
Divine Shield doesn't activate at all. (Paladin)
No Cool-down on Magic Crash, and Magic Crash doesn't work. (All)
Dragon Blood d/c's you. (Dark Knight)
Hex of the Beholder doesn't add any stats + d/c's you after a couple minutes if you're not a DrK. (Dark Knight)
A fully charged COMBO only shows FOUR Orbs instead of FIVE. (Hero)

The buff "Blind" causes you to do NO damage. And it doesn't work. (Marksman & Wild-Hunter)
Snipe doesn't do the correct amount of damage. It shows you hitting "damage cap" but it's fake damage. (Marksman)

Shadow Partner doesn't work and causes you to DC. (All) =Fixed=
Meso Explosion Dose not Legit Do Damage To The Monster

Dual Blader:
Mirror Image causes you to D/C and OTHERS ON YOUR MAP. Don't use it.
No cool down on Sudden Raid.

Resurrection has no Cooldown. (Bishops)
Teleport Mastery does not work. (All)
Ultimates have no cool-downs. (All)
Heal "stucks" your chara, and makes you unable to use any other skills until you @dispose. (Bishop)

Body Pressure doesn't do damage. Damage pops up, but doesn't hurt the monsters. (Aran)
Aran beginning combo animations aren't visible to other players and sometimes causes lag and makes the monsters disappear. (Aran)
The small lag between TripleSwing/Overswing causes Final Blow/Toss to not hit the monsters (Aran)
Combo Drain doesn't work. It doesn't absorb any HP from monsters when you attack. (Aran)
Combo Tempest doesn't do the correct damage. (Aran)

!FakeRelog Clear's The Skill's You've Saved on Shift,Ctrl, etc (all buttons)
!Stun Dosent Work
!Seduce & !seducemap D/c the map

General Bugs
HP Doesn't show correctly (Shows only about Half)
The Cash shop does not work at times, and stucks your character.
Vicious Hammers WORK but D/C you right after you use one.
When you reach level 120 for 4th Job, it advances you to 4th then resets you back to level 119 again.
Alot of the player commands that are listed through @commands1 and @commands2 do NOT work.
If you d/c and come back onto the same map, the monsters almost 1HKO you if you don't leave the map and re-enter.
No Cool-downs on Ultimates (Ex: Genesis, Blizzard, Meteor,etc) ~All Classes~
Enhancement scrolls don't work.
Cave of Trial III's portal into Zakum doesn't work.
Bodyguard A does not summon; the comb disappears and nothing happens.
Can't get into HT, Horntail's Schedule says "NPC not working properly".
Danger Zone Taxi's do not work, and instead of warping to the proper places it says "Mushroom Training Camp."
Scarlion/Targa does NOT work. NPC to get inside the map doesn't talk.
Slot merger does NOT work.
NX Cash items are un-droppable.
Small delay between picking up items after someone drops something.
In rare cases, monsters stop giving you exp and ONLY mesos
IF you MISS on a monster, it causes a bug where you get NO EXP until you relog.
Throwing Stars, Dont Work ...


Credits to those who contributed to this helpful thread:

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Re: List Of Bugs

Post  Fanta. on Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:01 am

Thanks, fixing soon.


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Re: List Of Bugs

Post  Tainted on Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:25 am

Fanta. wrote:Thanks, fixing soon.

No Problem, Hope This Helped c:

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Re: List Of Bugs

Post  Fuzzy on Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:58 am

Papulatus DCs you when he does a skill (I dont know which one).


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Re: List Of Bugs

Post  Janedoe on Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:20 pm


I just joined your server. Not sure if its a bug (or just me) but whenever i want to attack a monster around Leafre i DC.

Also, Im a Nightlord without Summoning rocks. Any idea when you are going to make those avalibe?

Thank you!

IGN: Shimiyo


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Re: List Of Bugs

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