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Diverse Gm Application

Post  Diverse on Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:00 pm


Name: Gabriel Ventura

Date of Birth: Born on January 28, 1995

Country/Timezone: New York, (GMT-05:00)Eastern Time

Experience: I have experienced being a GM. I also have been playing Maplestory since I was 12 years old. This game is so addicting that it’s hard for me to resist.

Proofs: I was a GM in 2 servers. They are TranquilityMS, and VillainMS(v75). These servers were shut down due to personal reasons from the Owner. I am unable to show you proof because due to the fact that it’s been a long time since these servers were shut down.

Pros: People say I have a great personality. I am a caring guy. Very Honest, and generous. Never aggressive or violent.

Cons: Can’t describe this side for some reason. Just saying that if you make me mad, things will happen.

Question section:

Why do you want to be in MendalStory staff?
I want to be in the staff because since I’m done with most of my major exams, I’m free. I want MendalStory to be a new and fast growing server to prosper and help new players from all over the world to enjoy and be comfortable for their style in any way. I am very generous, and due to my respectful actions, I have achieved many awards from my school for helping out kids and teachers. I was also in student leadership, so apparently I know how to be a positive leader and I have a strong, but soft inner heart.

How long have you been playing MendalStory?
Apparently, I’ve been playing for 3 days and I’ll continue on doing so. I’ll be staying and recruiting people to join this server.

How long will you be able to play per day?
Since I have school, it depends when I can go on because I’m in a basketball team. I’m the captain but I’ll make time. On the Weekdays, I can go from 5pm to when I sleep. On the weekends, it’s most likely I’m on the whole day or s

What can you do to help MendalStory?
I can certainly help the server by catching hackers, which all of the GM's are supposed to do, and help anyone who are unhappy about something about the server, such as rude players or bugs in the server. If I become the GameMaster in this server, I would certainly ask my friends to join and make the server grow. Lastly, I can hold fun events that would make anyone happy and I listen to everyone's story and make the rules fair and square.

What do you think the most important part of the job is? (Good to know because we can partly see what you will do IF you get accepted)
For me, the most important part of the job is to make maplers happy and make this server hacker free. I would my job correctly and do my best as a GM.

What will the commands you will use most?
Are you loyal? Please tell us from 1-10 and why.

I am the upmost trustworthy person you’ll ever meet. I will never lie to your face, and I’ll tell you the truth.
Well I’m not sure if it’s the same with this server such as the codes but I mainly use these.
The commands are:
!warphere (charname)
!jail (charname)
!map (mapID)
!warp (charname)
!warp (charname) (mapID)
!speak (charname) (message)
!search (itemname)
!ban (charname) (reason)
!dc (charname)

What makes you different from others?
The thing makes me different from others would likely be my personality. I am very honest but some people lie a lot. I can do my part or job correctly when others can’t.

What will you do when you see a hacker?
Well, I am not the person that gives any warning to hackers. I would just get a ban them and write a ban appeal of what he did. I hate hackers because hacking just ruins any server.

What will you do if you see two players fighting?
I would tell them to stop and tell me what’s going on. I would listen to each side of the story and figure out who’s right and wrong. I’ll make them apologize and tell them to give space to each other. I would treat them how my parents treat me and my siblings.

What will you do if you see two staff members fighting?
Again, I would treat them like how my parents do it. I’ll see who’s right and wrong.

What will you do as a GM?
I will do what every GM member should do such as help/guide those in need of help and make this server chaotic free. I have the right judgments of who’s right and wrong and I am very trustworthy. I do not hide on my mistakes and lies.

Will you quit this server if your application is denied? Be honest, this won't hold this against you.
I won’t quit this server just because my application was denied. I will seek next time that if a GM quits, then it’s my time to shine to become one. People who just quit after their application was denied are pathetic.

Are you able to follow the GM and Server rules?
I am able and willing to follow the GM and Server rules. If I fail, next time it won’t happen.

Can you work well under pressure?
I work under pressure most of the time due to the fact that I am the captain of my basketball team. I was also in the student leadership. It doesn’t matter if I am pressured or not, it’s if I do the job right.

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Re: Diverse Gm Application

Post  FlawnWASHERE2016bye on Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:55 pm

One suggestion, You should color the questions and leave the answers white, It would make it a lot easier to read.
Overall though I would say your application is very good.


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